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Readers' photos: Cloudy skies over beautiful mosques in Dubai, Sharjah

  • Thursday, 20 January 2022

Readers' photos: Cloudy skies over beautiful mosques in Dubai, Sharjah

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Published:  January 20, 2022 19:30 Manuel Almario, Senior News Editor


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Gulf News reader and photography enthusiast Raziz Khatoon perfectly captured the sunrays shining through cloudy skies above the Sheikh Zayed mosque. She said: "This was a breathtaking moment for me. As I positioned myself to capture this at the perfect angle, I was simply mesmerised by this spectacular sight. There were huge clouds above the magnificent marble monument. And, the Sun's rays filtered through them, upon the Sheikh Zayed mosque, as if saluting this iconic monument, a symbol of Sheikh Zayed's unique vision." Image Credit: Razia Khatoon/Gulf News reader

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Alyssa Mae Soriano, a Filipino expatriate based in Dubai, took this picture of the Sharjah mosque one evening. She said: "Captured this display of the mosque's lights from a mile away. The Sharjah mosque is a serene sight I never miss when I jog past or take a stroll at night." Image Credit: Image Credit: Alyssa Mae Soriano/Gulf News reader

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This photo of the Al Salam Mosque near Mall of the Emirates in Al Barsha, Dubai, was taken by Gulf News reader Moksha Shashi Kiran. She is a 13-year-old school student in Dubai. She said: "The rain had left Dubai glistening in all its beauty and as we rode along side the mosque, we were all left captivated by its splendour. We have witnessed the inception of this wonderful landmark and architectural treat. I am glad that my photo captures its beauty." Image Credit: Image Credit: Moksha Shashi Kiran/Gulf News reader

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Shiju Zacharia took this picture on a rainy evening. He said: "The dark clouds in the background and the lights of the mosque made it a beautiful view. This is the largest mosque in Sharjah." Image Credit: Shiju Zacharia/Gulf News reader

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Dubai-based expat Elizabeth Farris took this picture of a mosque on Jumeirah Beach Road at sunset. She said: "While travelling along Jumeirah Beach Road rain was forecast. The clouds began to bubble up and looked amazing. We passed a mosque, which to me is one of the most beautiful buildings to photograph especially with the clouds formation." Image Credit: Elizabeth Farris/Gulf News reader

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Farris added that she was amazed at the beautiful clouds over the mosque in Jumeirah Beach Road. She said: "The view of clouds above this mosque looked stunning." Have you taken beautiful pictures from across the UAE? Share them with us on readers@gulfnews.com. Image Credit: Elizabeth Farris/Gulf News reader