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SAFCEI offering small grants for Faith institutions

  • Monday, 31 May 2021


Are you planning an environmental activity in your faith community? 

Join SAFCEI’s webinar on the 15 June to find out how to apply for a Faith Community Eco-Justice Grant for environmental activities.

The Zoom call on the 15 June 2021 at 11 am will explain the grant making process and criteria your faith institute or community will need to be eligible. 

SAFCEI is offering small grants to faith institutions and communities wanting to carry out ethical environmental action in Southern Africa. (Criteria are different if you are in South Africa or elsewhere.)

SAFCEI will support local environmental activities in your faith community, whether it's practical action, such as a faith institution vegetable garden; or training, such as faith community eco-footprinting; or campaigning, such as an environmental campaign about plastic waste.

So if you have plans for an eco-justice activity with your faith community and would like support from SAFCEI, please join the webinar. If you are not able to attend this webinar but are interested please contact our office. 

Submit your RSVPs and data requests by 8 June: https://forms.gle/xY7A6jA3nNbHg4JY7

More information about the grant can be found here:

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