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Obs mosque adapts to lockdown

  • Thursday, 30 April 2020

An Observatory mosque is closed because of Covid-19, but the hearts of those who pray there are very much open.

Ramadaan started on Saturday, but this year the Muslim holy month is being experienced very differently by the faithful.

Regulations controlling the spread of the global pandemic prohibit Muslims from gathering at their local mosque for daily prayers or meeting with family and friends to break their fast at the end of the day.

The Ibaadur-raghmann Mosque in Eden Road, Observatory, has been closed since the start of lockdown.

“We consulted with our members, doctors and role players as to the way forward,” said Imam Ismaeel Davids.

Staff from nearby Groote Schuur Hospital usually attend Friday prayers at the mosque, which also has several old and sickly members.

However, Imam Davids has gone online to keep in touch with his congregation and hold daily prayers.

“We have been keeping in contact with members and the congregation through social media, our website, our Instagram page, WhatsApp chat group,” he said, “and our audio-class recordings have been valuable with good feedback from the community.”

And the mosque has continued to find a way to offer charity to the needy. Imam Davids and his congregants have prepared pre-Ramadaan food parcels, distributed soup and given money to those in difficulty.

Imam Davids said the lockdown affected everyone and as a community leader he needed to adapt to any situation.

“The need for spiritual help and guidance is needed now more than ever,” he said.

“We must use this month to reset and recharge ourselves physically and spiritually, we are healing, the earth is healing. There is good in every negative. During this time, Muslims develop self restraint, patience, tolerance, endurance, control of desires, faith and an affinity to the poor, and, with all this, gain closeness to our Creator.”

Call 083 340 1433 for more information about the mosque and its activities.